Card Vault

Our card vault box is made of a transparent, durable and tamper-evident material. It is mainly used for gaming, but can be also used for different sectors that require high security like banks, financial services, retail, and law enforcement.

The card vault can have a printed barcode, and is secured using a manual locking system with a spider lock that has a matching barcode; it is easily operable but tamper attempts are highly visible making it efficient and effective at the same time. For storage, temperature can range between -20°C to 110°C.













spider lock

The spider lock is used for sealing card vaults. It has an innovative triple-locking mechanism and can be labelled with barcodes for fast identification of each card vault.






chips tray

Our chips trays are made of durable acrylic or plastic and can hold up to 100 chips. Design can either be octagonal or rectangular.







We have dices available for Sic-Bo and Craps. Design and finishes are customizable accordingly to your preference, while sizes come in a standard of 18mm and 20mm.






float tray

Our float tray is secure and made of durable material. Each float tray is tailor made accordingly to your preference to suit the design of your table and requirements. It is available in single or double layer, and in different finishes.






pos bracket

Our POS Bracket functions as holder of monitors for gaming tables, cashier, reception and other areas requiring a monitor. Each POS Bracket is tailor made depending on your requirements. The design is sleek and elegant, that can come in different finishes, while its built is strong and durable because of the material.

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