Playing cards


Unicorn playing cards are produced in standard size of 63 x 88 mm, como. Each standard package includes 2 jokers and 1 ID card with barcode for the traceability of your products.








Security Options

  • Online Casino Barcode
  • Customized barcode by request
  • Ultraviolet ink: batch mark, logo, hidden signs printed using ultraviolet ink (standard security features)
  • Laser Track
  • Fully hidden mark, untraceable under ultraviolet light and mostly used on bank notes(advance security options)

Front Design

Pips are available in two sizes: regular and jumbo. For the color, it can be printed on black, cherry red and burgundy. Custom-made Ace of Spades with incorporated logo can also be provided.

Card Back Options (paper only)

There are 22 available patterns (please see catalog) to choose from for the back of the cards that can be printed on 10 available colors. It can be customized by incorporating your logo, or if you desire a more personalized design our graphics team can produce custom-made design upon request.



  • Cello
  • Custom Tuckbox
  • Tuckbox with window

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